Loganathan Ramasamy

  • Registered on: 10/24/2016


  • Services (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 08/28/2013)
  • ElixirFM (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 01/07/2014)
  • KonText (Developer, 11/10/2014)


Reported issues: 24


10:48 AM ElixirFM Bug #291 (New): Resolve insecure content running over https
The content loaded in this link is not secure


03:23 PM ElixirFM Revision 266a561c (elixirfm): login/aai is not required for elxirfm; removed
02:35 PM ElixirFM Revision 801fa0e4 (elixirfm): border removed and the demo height adjusted
02:26 PM ElixirFM Feature #286 (Closed): Make available Lindat header/footer added version at quest
The Lindat header/footer added version should be available here in quest,


09:46 AM Services Feature #255 (In progress): Run Apache in quest VM
* ElixirFM will use Apache till the REST plugins are ready.


03:26 PM ElixirFM Revision b88065f8 (elixirfm): ElixirFM logo included
02:27 PM ElixirFM Revision ef272009 (elixirfm): just a comment
01:14 PM ElixirFM Revision c802453f (elixirfm): removed the 'login' and 'REST API Documentation' menu entries
12:06 PM ElixirFM Revision 2e580b88 (elixirfm): default pages for ElixirFM
10:26 AM ElixirFM Revision e2889609 (elixirfm): separate bootstrap-3 not needed

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